I am fully committed to delivering services of the highest standard following the ITI's code of professional conduct. Please feel free to contact me to find out more about my services or for a free, no-obligation quote. When getting in touch, please provide as much information as possible so that I can provide a more accurate quote. 


I provide translations from English into Japanese. The fee will be based on the total word count of the source English text. Surcharges may apply for rush jobs, uneditable files or complex formatting. Small jobs are welcome but please note that a minimum charge may apply. 


I provide and proofreading, editing or linguistic QA from English to Japanese. The fee will be charged by hour and depends on the quality of the original translation and how much editing or QA is required.  


Transcreation services are available where a more creative approach is required, for example for marketing campaigns or social media content. The fee may be based on total word count of the source English text or charged by hour depending on the project. I am also happy to visit the client on-site or meet online to receive briefing in real life. Understanding the client and their message is vital for successful transcreation or copywriting.


I normally provide 3-4 options per project. I can also provide the direct translation back into English for non-Japanese speaking clients so that they can make a more informed decision. The fee will be charged by hour.


I provide English to Japanese subtitling or voiceover script translation for corporate, commercial, marketing, training or motivational videos. Video communication is now essential for any companies in this modern age.


If translating the text is half the battle, what is the other half? For businesses, I offer consultation on style, tone, terminology, fonts and layout for successful communication. For software developers, I offer pre-localisation linguistic evaluation ("internationalisation"). This involves flagging up potential linguistic issues so that you can make your product "localisable" at an early stage and save localisation costs.